Performance Reviews

At AM Consulting we believe that regular Performance Reviews can become a positive driver in leading job satisfaction and productivity growth.

With the correct preparation and a positive mindset, performance appraisals can be productive and stimulating, offering personal benefits to both our clients and their executive staff.

The perfect vehicle in which to identify and reconcile knowledge gaps and specific training needs, AM Consulting provides a tailored online performance review survey for CEO’s, General Managers and Senior Managers.

The benefits of Performance Reviews to our clients:

  • Revive flagging motivation
  • Kick-start projects that may have fallen by the wayside
  • Reward productive employees with more responsibility
  • Deal with problems head-on
  • Set objectives for the future
  • Accurately assess training needs
  • Learn more about the group dynamics of your team
  • Provide valuable personal benefits to your staff

The benefits of Performance Reviews to their employees:

  • Provides an opportunity to receive personal recognition and reward (although appraisals are most definitely not pay reviews – these should ideally be handled separately)
  • Provides an opportunity to look ahead and set objectives that will help them in their career
  • Provides an opportunity to identify areas that they can receive greater support and training
  • Helps resolve grievances
  • Provides an opportunity for employees to seek reassurance and appreciation